This short trip to Krakow was our second time in Poland. We enjoyed Warsaw so much we simply had to return. Ryanair from Venice was the obvious choice of transport. We spent 3 full days in one of the oldest cities in Poland. The first awesome experience was Uber. We've never tried it before and it was the best way to move around. Fast and fairly cheap. We arrived late and was looking for a good place to eat and probably found our favourite right away - Cargo. Located close to our Airbnb in a very hip neighbourhood, with lots of other choices as well. Essentially it looks like a renovated old factory. The food was amazing. Hands down the best steak I've ever had.


The weather forecast was pretty lame for the next day. It was November nonetheless. So we opted out for a trip to close-by Wieliczka Salt Mine, one of the world's oldest salt mines in operation, dating back to 13th century. The salt mine reaches a depth of 327 meters and is over 287 kilometres long. That's crazy. It covers numerous shafts, tunnels, chambers, a lake and a huge cathedral as well. A worthwhile visit.


We stopped at Zablocie district on our way back to grab a bite to eat at BAL and stroll around Oskar Schindler's Enamel Factory and MOCAK - Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow. There was a huge line for Schindler's so we visited MOCAK instead. Cool art, plenty to see, plenty to not understand, but definitely interesting.



We booked a guided tour to Auschwitz I and Auschwitz II–Birkenau the next day. Not much is to be said. We had certain assumptions but it was far worse. The tour was really interesting and I'm glad we went though.


The weather cleared up so we could finally check the Krakow main square; Rynek Glowny is super lively and colorful. The square is huge, with the prominent Cloth Hall in the centre and a nice viewpoint atop the 70m high Town Hall Tower. On the western corner lies St. Mary's Basilica, an impressive and massive brick church.


Our lovely Airbnb was located on Czapskich street, just outside the old city walls. The location was great and so was everything else, this was probably our favourite Airbnb we've ever been to.

We dedicated the next day entirely to walking around the centre and started off by crossing the main square again, headed down on Royal Road and admired the old architecture. We reached the Wawel hill soon enough. The Castle and the courtyard look great - the are is very well taken care of. The Wawel Cathedral was another church. They soon begin to look the same, so we try to limit ourselves to 1-2 each trip :) We went up the stairs to see the view anyway.


We finished our tour in Kazimierz district with plenty of eateries and a cool vibe. Alchemia was an awesome bar to spend the last evening at. They make a mean cocktail. We also visited Plac Nowy, had lunch at Zazie Bistro and checked out Skwer Judah.


We were off to the airport the next day. But not before going for another steak at Cargo. All in all we had a great time in Krakow. Poland never seems to disappoint. The food is delicious, people are friendly and there's plenty to see. Choosing between the two, I'd say I liked Warsaw just a bit more I guess. Maybe because that was our first time experiencing Poland.