Debela pec (2014m) rises steeply above the Krma valley on one side and descends towards the vast forests of Pokljuka on the other.

We couldn't find the right parking place at Medvedova konta, so we just drove on through the forest and found another sign for Lipanca, which is on the way to Debela pec anyway. So our starting point was quite far away from the actual parking. We reached Blejska koca soon enough and continued onward to Debela pec. The peak offers some amazing views, including Mt. Triglav.

It was an after-work hike so we only met a few hikers on the way. We did see about 12 chamois though! It's always fun to see some wildlife.

The way back was even more interesting. We descended towards the main parking, thinking it had to be close to our car. Damn, were we wrong. It took us another 1,5h to reach the actual location of our car. It was 21:00, pitch-dark and not a soul around. The signage is really bad so we navigated with our phones, but the whole area has a shitty reception. And the cherry on top - signs indicating a bear territory. That's when we started making racket and walking faster.

Luka took some of these pics as well.