My second time visiting these beautiful parts of Slovenia. I got my first taste in 2016.

This time we took our friends for a stroll around the vineyards. We started with a view tower in Gonjace. The view is awesome. Especially over the nearby Smartno, to some a centre of the region. The village was considerably less crowded as the previous time as there was no festival. Actually it was completely empty and we were alone exploring the lovely streets.


We continued towards Dobrovo and visited the castle once again. March/April is a great time to visit the region as the cherry blossoms around that time.


Next stop - Kabaj. A glass of wine, some local food, friendly hosts and a cat.

Moving on, we drove for another 10 minutes and reached gorge, called Krcnik. It is 40 m long, from half meter to 6 m wide and to up to 6 m deep. The water has also formed a natural bridge. It was a surprisingly warm day for the end of March. We found a pool and dived right in. The water was cold but bearable Awesome refreshment though.


I wanted to buy a bottle of wine at Edi Simcic, so we drove to Vipolze and visited the castle as well. It's more like a villa though. Beautiful area. Next up - Gredic. The day was slowly ending, we had a glass of wine with a dessert and headed to Klinec Plesivo. A stunning B&B surrounded by vineyards. We checked in our fancy room and the best was yet to come. 


Dinner time. A lovely couple made this evening very special. The chef is extraordinary and the food was delicious. All four of us had a mix of different meals so we could all try everything they offered. Accompanied by wine and Nejka's friendly service. We will definitely return - if not for a night, definitely for dinner. Thank you Nejka & Uros!



I woke up early, slightly hungover and in search of the sunrise. Beautiful morning light covered the vineyards, cherries and olive trees all around. I walked uphill towards Medana, talked to a friendly old man in front of Klinec (brother's winery) and headed back to Plesivo for breakfast.

Another lovely weekend in Goriska Brda. Till next time ...