No work Wednesday. Holiday Wednesday. A famous Slovenian poet died 170 years ago Wednesday.

I visited a friend from Bohinjska Bistrica and we went out for a day in the nature. I haven't been to these parts all that much so it was fun to rediscover some spots and find some yet unknown. 

First off, we drove by the lake and visited Savica waterfall, a famous and one of the most visited waterfalls here. Sadly, the flow was very weak so there was no main waterfall - just a side, left flow. A beautiful sight nonetheless.


We went back to the eastern side of the lake and hiked up the viewpoint Pec (720 m). It took us about 20 minutes to reach the top. The view is great, the weather could be better.

Lastly we parked our car in Stara Fuzina and entered the nearby Mostnica Gorge. The gorge expands over the length of 2 kilometres, but we didn't cover all that. There are small waterfalls, bowl-shaped and smoothly polished walls, emerald green water, lively trouts and a hollowed rocky arch resembling an elephant.

Fun was had.