"House Raduha is located in the old centre of Luce. It got its name from the Raduha Mountain, which slopes down a ridge to the rocky threshold Breznica right at the edge of the village. The only things separating the house and the Breznica threshold is the Savinja River and our garden, which features living units in a beautiful architectural distribution. 
House Raduha, known among the locals as 'pri Medetu', has been welcoming guests ever since 1875. The cooking skills of grandmothers have helped hone the mastery of granddaughters for four generations. You will rarely find such an inspired combination of tradition and modern influences as in House Raduha."


House Raduha is a cluster of unique accommodations and a restaurant in a beautiful natural surrounding. Nina booked us one night in their wooden tree house. I didn't really know much about it and didn't expect something as nice, but I was positively surprised as soon as I set foot in their green garden. The family running the estate seems warm and hospitable while being very professional. We were welcomed with coffee below our tree house and shown the interior of our lovely private nest. The architecture is really interesting and the extensive use of wood provides a warm feeling all over the place. Everything is very cozy, there are even hammocks and beanbags below the tree house.

Our tree house had everything we needed - a large bed, a clean bathroom and a balcony with a jacuzzi, overlooking the green Savinja River. Details are also a big deal and are chosen carefully - from hangers and slippers to woodwork in beds, tables, stools and various decor items.

There are two other sleeping options:

  • A luxurious hayrack: a traditional Slovenian hayrack, hiding a luxury apartment for four in its upper floor. It has a bedroom, a living area and a bathroom while the lower floor houses a meditation nest with a massage pool.
  • Two luxury apartments above the old stall. Modern, vibrant, spacious and with a comfort of a fireplace especially suitable for colder months.

We enjoyed the sun, chilled in the beanbags, I took a dip in the very fresh Savinja River, took a few photos and then we got ready for dinner. We decided to stick with House Raduha for their cuisine as well and weren't disappointed. We went to their old house, another space where traditional and modern coexist. Our 5-course dinner was truly one of my favorite meals, whereas the chocolate cake definitely was the best desert ever. Compliments to the chef!

We finished off a cool bottle of Klinec's Jakot in the pleasant 33°C, dipping in our balcony jacuzzi amongst the tree crowns. Bom Chicka Wah Wah.

We woke up, had an amazing breakfast and made plans for the day. Next stop was Snow Cave on the southwestern slope of Raduha Mountain.