I've read somewhere that everyone eventually returns to Iceland for a second trip. True dat. We got our tickets for a winter adventure and we'll be spending a week in the north again!

Wizz Air had this crazy promo so we purchased our tickets for roughly 80 eur, too bad the baggage cost us nearly as much. But still it's a bargain and we get to see a bit of Budapest prior to our departure if we decide to do so.

We'll be spending New Year's and my birthday in Reykjavik, which seems like the perfect place to do so. Perlan will probably be our countdown spot, overlooking the whole city. Blue Lagoon is also on our list as we didn't visit it the first time. Most of the days will be dark, so we'll just relax and try to squeeze exploring into those small hours of sunlight. 

The plan is to scout the south, adding a few new stops and revisiting our favourites from the summer trip in 2015. We'll spend a significant amount of time in Reykjavik alone so we hope to really get to know it. The 2015 trip was more nature oriented so this time we're not missing the city highlights.

After we leave our cozy Airbnb in RVK we're definitely spending two nights in the south - Skógar or Vík, not sure yet. I just hope we catch some auroras. Can't wait!