This day trip started when Nina purchased two zipline tickets in Bovec, so we figured we might as well make a road trip around these fascinating parts of Slovenia. We started by crossing the border to Italy since we wanted to go back in over the Predil Pass.

Austrian fortress with Mt. Mangart in the back.

Austrian fortress with Mt. Mangart in the back.

We stopped to check the Italian fortifications (Batteria di Sella Predil) on the eastern shore of small Predil Lake. We then crossed the border back to Slovenia and passed the ruins of an Austrian fortress, where a fierce battle took place in 1809 between Napoleon’s Armada and the Austrian defenders. One can already see the mighty Mangart, the 4th highest peak in Slovenia. Mangart Saddle is accessible via 12 km long mountain road - the highest-lying road in Slovenia. As we continued towards Bovec we passed Fort Kluže, an important location with rich history from as far as the Roman times. 

We reached Bovec and went ziplining with Zipline Slovenia. 4x4s took us above Bovec to Krnica valley, between two mountains reaching over 2000 meters high: Mt. Kanin and Mt. Rombon. The drop down five steel wires is 3km long and approximately 200m above ground, reaching a velocity of up to 60km/h. It was an amazing experience, but nothing too scary. I left my camera in Bovec so I don't have any photos from the drop.

We drove on and reached Kobarid with beautiful river Soca already on our side. Soca Valley was the stage of major military operations (Soska fronta/ Isonzo Front) in World War I, in which over 300,000 Austro-Hungarian and Italian soldiers lost their lives. The front left us with numerous military graveyards, fortifications and other ruins along which the Walk of Peace now runs. There is a World War I museum in Kobarid and The Charnel House on the hill above it. It was opened by Benito Mussolini in 1938 in memory of 7,014 known and unknown fallen Italian soldiers. The Charnel House is also a great piece of architecture.

After this we passed the Napoleon's bridge, which received its name when Napoleon's troops marched across it. Soca's colour  is really beautiful here below the bridge. We went for a short hike to the Grand Kozjak waterfall closeby. The 15m high white water column in a kind of an underground hall offers magnificent scenery.

It was a hot day and we wanted to take a dip. We drove to westernmost part of Slovenia, where river Nadiza/Natisone flows. There's another Napoleon's bridge just south of village Logje and it's just an amazing sight. The water is super clean and fresh, this spot is well worth a visit!

It was getting late and we chose a different way home through Trenta valley and over Vrsic Pass. We stopped at Soca gorge on our way. It's a nice deep gorge with several pools and rapids, where that emerald green really comes to life.