House Raduha - an amazing experience any time of the year. This was our second time visiting Luce and staying at House Raduha - we spent the first night in a wooden tree house, check the story here. The family was really happy with the photos I took in the summer so they invited us back for another treat. This time we chose a night in the hayrack.

A luxurious makeover of a traditional Slovenian hayrack, hiding an apartment for four in its upper floor. It has a bedroom, a living area and a bathroom while the lower floor houses a meditation nest with a massage pool.

Summertime is probably still the best time to visit. You can relax outside in the sun, nap in a hammock/beanbag and perhaps take a dip in Savinja. Nonetheless we had a great time inside the hayrack, which is really cozy and warm!

We got a warm welcome with a glass of champagne and soon spotted new improved stuff in the area. They obviously keep evolving all the time.

I took a walk around Luce as we waited for dinner, another 5-course beast of a meal. We had high expectations. And we weren't disappointed. Once again, the dinner was delicious.

Breznik family, thanks again for having us! You're the best :)